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23 September 2006 @ 02:29 pm
Wow. Dead.

So yeah. I'm thinking of cancelling this group, and if anyone's interested in joining a Myspace account based on this circle, I'd be happy to give you the info. 
Because I should just face the music that I really have no time to update this account, and I really have sort of lost interest in it. (It's been very nice meeting new people). I'll always have my love for YYH (curses to Amazon for not sending my new mangas. >_>) and I'm always cool with promoting anime, because it's far better than most of the trashy American cartoons there are on TV (like all the c*** they now have on CN) but I've been very busy since I've transferred to a new school, and I'm preparing for a dance show and a cello concert...

But I'll write back soon.
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26 March 2006 @ 08:32 pm

Format: LiveJournal and AIM
Anime: Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho. High school/university, crossover and AU.
Name: Sado Island
Contact: cerridwene or hineko_eloriel
Website: sadoisland
Minimum Age Requirement: 15
Deadline: None
More Information on the GameCollapse )

Very, very x-posted so I'm sorry if you see this all over the place. @_@''
07 January 2006 @ 03:38 pm

Gosh diggity darnit! >:(  I haven't been on forever. :o Luckily for you all I haven't died...but maybe I will... >.< Anywho, my sincerest apologies to everyone who expected this community to get better...I haven't been very faithful to it. :(
Yoko - Or me for that matter.
Me - Wait a tick, before you go off on me! I've decided to be on here more often, when I'm not at softball meetings, dance show practice, cello lessons, piano lessons, or trying to figure out who's my stalker, who's actually going by the chatname YoukoKurama. Anyway...
I'll be less lazy tomorrow. I promise.


Stop looking at me like that!


SERIOUSLY. Things will be better!!!

(In a small voice) Yoko - Yar. Right. Better. Seriously. -.-'

Me- Gah! Doesn't it help when your anime hostage undermines you?

(Looks agast) Yoko - Undermine you? Of course not!

Me - Ooh. I just remembered this trick my friend taught me. Look and phear me!

..._...|..____________________, ,
....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = D
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"


Hey...Doesn't my song kind of mean the opposite of my mood?

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29 December 2005 @ 04:50 pm
Nya!! if you get to have claims on some one so do I!!! I claim Touya and Jin!! why do I get two? cause I want to!! ^_^, sure why not, throw Rinku in there to!! ^_^ But if some one ELSE wants to call claims on them fine, but I get to keep atleast Touya or Jin!! Lalalalalala....o.o, better stick with Jin, mght annoy Touya to death...o.o ^_^
15 April 2005 @ 04:10 pm

Yes Susie -

I totally agree with you. Cartoon Network sucks! They cancelled my true love Kurama. *gets your Kuranoe and my Kurama to protest in front of CN Headquarters*

Oh yeah! Welcome to my community and may you find allies in the legions of YYH lovers. May you and your Kuranoe have many special *coughcough* (j.k :D ) moments.

Lady Mew AKA Catty Out

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12 April 2005 @ 06:07 pm
Since I'm the second (I think...) one here, Kuronue is now mine. He rocks my socks! He's got SCYTHES!
If anyone would love to read all my doubtless amazing fanfiction then they can here:
I crave reviews!
You know why?!
Because it was canceled!
Just like Rurouni Kenshin! I hate Cartoon Network with a passion.
~ Susie
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12 March 2005 @ 10:08 pm

Hello Everybody:

Mew:*looks at community* Not much yet, but I am racing to get things done and trying to improve. Well, since you have to claim an anime character as your own, mine is Yoko Kurama.

Yoko: Oh really?

Mew: Yes. You are officially mine. *waves legal document in face*

Yoko: Damn. You can't beat that.

Mew: *glomps* I thought so. Later for now.

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