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23 September 2006 @ 02:29 pm
Wow. Dead.

So yeah. I'm thinking of cancelling this group, and if anyone's interested in joining a Myspace account based on this circle, I'd be happy to give you the info. 
Because I should just face the music that I really have no time to update this account, and I really have sort of lost interest in it. (It's been very nice meeting new people). I'll always have my love for YYH (curses to Amazon for not sending my new mangas. >_>) and I'm always cool with promoting anime, because it's far better than most of the trashy American cartoons there are on TV (like all the c*** they now have on CN) but I've been very busy since I've transferred to a new school, and I'm preparing for a dance show and a cello concert...

But I'll write back soon.
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